The Toad Business Intelligence Suite allows, database administrators, IT professionals, data analysts, business users, executives and everyone in between access to data. The product inside the Business Intelligence Suite that allows all of these different user types to collaborate is the Toad Intelligence Central. But what if the application that your organization uses to display, discover or visualize data is a custom application? What if a set of power users inside the company prefer a 3rd party tool for data visualization?

As long as the application has either a native MySQL connector or the ability to use ODBC drives, your organization will have access to your data through the Toad Intelligence Central.

Connecting to Toad Intelligence Central

For information on Toad Intelligence Central connectivity within the Business Intelligence Suite, please feel free to brows the various Toad World articles such as Sharing Workbooks and Dashboard Views Utilizing a Shared User.

 To connect to the Toad Intelligence Central server outside of the Toad Business Intelligence Suite you will need a few simple things:

  • A MySQl driver
  • Toad Intelligence Central
    • user name
    • password
    • IP address
    • Port number (if not 3566)

Demo connection using Workbench

The connection method itself depends on what application or language you are using. For this demo I have used the publically available MySQL Workbench 6.0 CE development environment in order to quickly show how a connection can be made, then compare that connection to the Toad Intelligence Central Admin console view. This demo is not intended to support any specific 3rd party software.

Since the IDE has its own connectivity to MySQL I did not need to install drives separately.

1.  Open Workbench

2.  Click the + next to MySQL Connections

3.  Enter in all relevant connection information (I am using the TIC standard 3566 port)

4.  OK

5.  Double click on the newly created connection

6.  A MySQL editor will be displayed 

We can now see all data sources available to us in the Toad Intelligence Central server that was connected to using IDE.

Taking a look at the Toad Intelligence Central Admin console we see the same data sources.


This demonstration has shown how any application using a MySQL connection can simply and easily utilize the data from the Toad Business Intelligence Suite, further adding to the collaborative nature of the tool. I hope you have enjoyed this article and happy data hunting.