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Julie Hyman

What's New in Toad Intelligence Central v4.3

We are happy to announce that Toad Intelligence Central 4.3 is now available! One of the most noticeable changes to this release is the release number - we have decided to align the Toad Intelligence Central release numbering to the Toad Data Point release...
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John Weathington

Continuous Integration Starting at Zero

Getting Off to a Good Start When it comes to data, Continuous Integration is one of those things that looks good on paper but is very difficult to implement. As a result, most data professionals conveniently ignore this rule when it comes to Agile...
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John Weathington

Rising Above Without Sinking Below

By John Weathington Rising Above The data professionals I've had the honor of working with are some of the most dedicated people I know. There have been several occasions in my life when a hard deadline has been mandated to deliver a seemingly...
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John Weathington

Finding Flow with High Collaboration

This is Flow The first time I found flow is an experience I'll always remember. Just around the turn of the century, I was asked to help Hitachi Data Systems improve the way they track, test, and manage data storage configurations. We had a lot...
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John Weathington

Blocking and Tackling on Agile Projects

Chickens, Pigs, and Goats How's your luck in controlling all the animals on a scrum? If you're familiar with scrum projects, I'm sure you've heard the story of the chicken and the pig who considered opening a Ham 'n' Eggs...
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