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Use Toad to optimize SQL that may not run--read Jeff Surretsky's post!

Within Toad, you can optimize SQL that has been identified as an issue. This is a self-contained functionality and nothing is required by the respective database vendors (Oracle, MS SQL Server). SQL Optimizer generates semantically equivalent alternatives...
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Deepak Vohra
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Using Toad for SQL Server with AWS RDS

Introduction Toad for SQL Server is an integrated development environment (IDE) for accessing, administering and using SQL Server. The SQL Server may be on a local machine or may be on a remote platform such as AWS RDS, EC2, Azure, or Google Cloud...
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John Pocknell
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What’s New in Toad for SQL Server Editions 2017 (Toad 6.8)

The wait is over – Toad for SQL Server 6.8 is here! General Availability was August 17 th and you can download the new version from here if you are current on support and maintenance or from here if you’d like to download a trial version...
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Mathew Phan
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Running Scripts Across Multiple SQL Server Instances Using Toad Group Execute

Hi follow Toadies! As a SQL Server administrator you're likely managing dozens if not hundreds of databases. It's extremely time consuming to run a script on each and every one of those databases and then check the results. To make things even...
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Toad for SQL Server? Who Needs It?

That’s how a lot of my conversations begin when I talk to people about Toad for SQL Server. Most database pros understand why we have Toad solutions for databases like Oracle, DB2 and SAP. However, when it comes to SQL Server, Microsoft has a good...
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Gita Sharifi

What is new in Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise version 11.6?

Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 11.6 is here! So what’s new? Spotlight introduces Federation architecture A Spotlight Client can now monitor connections from multiple Spotlight Diagnostic Servers in a federation. Spotlight Clients in...
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SQL Tuning - Let SQL Optimizer Do The Work For You

The SQL Tuning Problem If you ask most DBA's what their #1 pain point is the likely response would be database performance issues. The quickest and least expensive way to solve database performance issues is to try and tune the database workload...
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Richard To

Test Running a Tuned SQL is Not An Easy Job

In SQL Optimizer for SQL Server, we have built a very sophisticated test run facility for users to find the best SQL alternative from all generated SQL alternatives to solve the user’s specific problem. But I have found that many users are just...
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Jason Hall

Integrating Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise with Your Enterprise Monitoring Tool

I very frequently come across DBA's that that are either overwhelmed with the complexity of their organizations enterprise monitoring platform, or underwhelmed with its out of the box monitoring and diagnostic capabilities. These DBA's typically...
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Carlos Jimenez

Monitoring Your Server at a Glance – A Coffee Shop Conversation by Pinal Dave

A few days ago I was visiting a large Database Shop and I happened to meet quite a few DBAs there. After my session was over we all went to the company’s cafe for a quick coffee. While having a coffee in the relaxed environment, I shared details...
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