How to import data from an Excel file into a table?

See Toadworld blog post "Create and Load Oracle Tables from Excel Spreadsheet using Toad" at

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this was not helpful.

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could you open issue and tell what problems you have?



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Nice article, thanks.  Having never tried the Import wizard, I have to say I'm quite impressed.  For one who spent far too much time hacking together scripts to massage/import data files, let alone XLS to CVS, etc... This is very refreshing to "just have it work".  Thanks for the pointer.  Go Method1!

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I have a simple excel spreadsheet - one column of data.  I want to use the import function but I am having issues. I am doing the following steps:

1. In Object Palette - Right click on the table name (the table is empty)

2. Action Console

3. Import Data

My problem - I do not have the option to select the file that has my data to import.  I see Section Destination  Schema  Object Type:Table  Object Name: My Table

Where is the browser to select the data?

Please help

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This process does not work. Like most of the TOAD processes I follow on here. I get to point where an error occurs and then I can't find a fix for the error. Or I find a mention of the error, but the fix is so trivial that I just end up chalking it up to TOAD and using another program.