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Rickard Hökros
Follow / 27 Jan 2015 at 2:07pm

Index monitoring

Hi! I would like to have a option in the toolbar for the Index monitoring window where you in a simple way could make unused indexes invisible. Either directly or by generating a script. If you are considering to remove indexes it would be a good...
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Follow / 8 Jan 2015 at 11:24pm

Add SID choice to Limit pull-down on Session Browser

I'm in IT Ops and we frequently get alerts about long-running processes, identified by SID. We use TOAD to look for the offending session via the SID and make a decision to kill it or otherwise. So I go into the session browser, select "none"...
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Uwe M. Kuechler
Follow / 27 Jun 2014 at 9:23pm

Statspack Browser / AWR-Browser: Enable RAC Awareness

We need a placeholder like "&Instance_number" - to enable SQL queries in custom charts to be aware of the currently selected RAC instance. I used custom charts in the AWR/Statspack Browser a lot, now recently I ran the browser in a RAC...
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Follow / 13 Jan 2014 at 12:59pm

StatsPack Browser - Display date/time on chart

Hi, On the StatsPack Browser, it shows the Snap ID but it does not display the associated date/time, this snapshot was taken on the graph. Can this be added?
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gs oc
Follow / 28 Oct 2013 at 11:56am

Session Browser Start Trace option to allow user to change confi

Session Browser Start Trace option to allow user to change configuration directory set up of trace logs files so users such as developers can access these files.
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