Four years ago I wrote a blog titled “Under-Utilized Toad Feature #1”, where I exposed a really cool Toad Schema Browser feature that very few people, even long time users, realize exists – the ability perform intelligent/contextual jumps to related items with jump history and backward/forward buttons (just like a web browser). I wanted to revisit this topic since the Toad Schema Browser has been improved since then – most notably the icons and interface are much more intuitive.


Below I’m in the Schema Browser and in the left-hand-side (LHS) I’ve selected Tables, and specifically my EMPLOYEE table. On the right-hand-side (RHS) I’ve selected the Indexes tab, and specifically focused on the EMPLOYEE_IE3 index on the column zip code. Now what I want to do is activate index monitoring to see if this index is being used or not. However the RHS Indexes tab does not offer a toolbar icon to do this, thus I will need to navigate on the LHS to Indexes and find this table and index combination where the right-hand-mouse (RHM) menu offers every action performable upon an index – including monitoring. Many times people, even long time Toad users, will do this manually. There is a better and faster way.



If I simply set the focus on RHS upon the index of interest as shown above and now press SHIFT-F4, Toad will automatically jump in the Schema Browser to exactly where I want to go as shown below.



Furthermore note below that the backward/forward buttons now show that I can go backwards to the original table simply by pressing the blue backward button. Moreover the history drop-down shows all my recent Schema Browser navigation history. This little gem of a feature can be a real time saver if you know about it and just navigate like you would in a web browser – jumping back and forth as needed.