Six years ago I wrote a blog titled “Yet another Little Toad Gem”, where I exposed a really cool Toad Database Browser feature that very few people, even long time users, realize exists – the ability see cumulative statistics/totals. I wanted to revisit this topic since the Toad Database Browser has been improved since then – plus more people are using it these days and yet still unaware of this feature.


Below I’m in the Database Browser and in the left-hand-side (LHS) and I’ve selected my DBM database instance, while on the right-hand-side (RHS) I’ve selected the Sessions tab. Thus even though there are three database instances on this database server node (it’s an Exadata database machine), I only see the sessions for the selected DBM instance as expected. Now what if I wanted to see all the sessions for all the database instances on this database server?



Well that’s easy, I just select the database server node on the LHS instead of a specific instance and voila – there’s all the sessions for all three database instances on this database server.



But there’s more!  As you can see below I multi-selected just the DBM and SPOT database instances on the LHS. Also note that I’m now focused on the RHS Space Usage tab, and notice at the bottom is also displayed a cumulative total. Therefore I can now instantly see the total disk space used by an instance, a collection of instances, or all the instances on that shared server. When you have multiple instances on a server this global view and summary feature can be worth its weight in gold.