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Toad for Oracle 12.1 is now available for download for existing customers and the trial downloads are available as well.

The new features in this Toad release focus on support for Oracle 12c multi-tenant databases, connectivity issues with Oracle client, helping DBAs identify deadlocks in Oracle Trace Files, help with complex SQL queries, enable data transfer to/from ODBC data sources and adding support for the Git version control system.

For the summarized videos covering the New Features in 12.0 and 12.1, please watch the Videos:

1)      New features for DBAs in 12.0 and 12.1

2)      New features for Developers in 12.0 and 12.1

Oracle 12c Support: Toad for Oracle now supports the pluggable and container databases. If you have the “DB Admin” module, the Database Browser now offers various management tasks for pluggable databases and monitoring of consolidated environments. Toad also supports other Oracle 12c features, such as Redaction, “Online” option for constraints/indexes drop, Grant roles to PL/SQL programs and many others.

Figure 1: Database Browser (available in DB Admin Module) – Supports the container and pluggable databases

Connectivity Issues: Whether you are a new Toad user trying to set-up the Oracle client and ORACLE HOME and TNS ADMIN environment variables or existing Toad user trying to resolve connectivity issues related to the listener service or the new database service in tnsnames.ora file. Toad for Oracle 12.1 now offers the diagnosis and possible resolutions for a wide range of issues to help get you started using Toad. This should be a big time saver for the users who are sometimes just looking for a more targeted resolution path to the Oracle database connectivity issues. For a more detailed write-up on this feature, please also reference Bert’s blog 

Figure 2: ORA- Error message with the diagnosis to help identify the connectivity issue

Identify Deadlocks in Trace Files: Toad for Oracle “DB Admin Module” offers the Trace File Browser, that gives DBAs easy access to the relevant information in the Oracle trace file , such as the SQLs, top wait events , top queries. Toad for Oracle 12.1 now extends the functionality to include deadlock detection in the trace file. Anytime there is deadlock in Oracle database, a trace file is generated. You can now open that file in Toad and find out the SQLs that are part of the deadlock, to help resolve such issues. Bert has also written a piece on this.

Manage SQL Queries: Code Refactor in Toad for Oracle now includes options to help you manage complicated SQLs. Do you have a complicated SQL, which might have multiple sub queries with the joins in the wrong places, leading to a poor performance? Are you converting the SQL syntax from Oracle to ANSI? Do you want to convert all the decode statements to Case? All this can now be done by right clicking the SQL in the Editor and choosing the “Code Refactor” menu. Please read Bert’s blog for more details.

Data transfer between Oracle and ODBC data sources: If you need to move data between Oracle database and any other database ( MySQL, SQL Server or any database with ODBC DSN configured), Toad now offers ODBC as the source or target when used with Import Table Data, Export Dataset or Create Table | Load Columns from File. Bert’s blog gives a detailed description.

Figure 3: Data movement from/to Oracle database to another database with ODBC source configured

Support for Git Version control system: Toad for Oracle now provides the support for the Git (distributed) version control system. The code changes in the local repository can be managed using the Team Coding feature in Toad.


For more information on New Features in Toad for Oracle and the Tips and tricks sessions, please register for the Dell Information Management Virtual Expo , available until Nov 6.