Toad for DB2 Version Comparison Tool

Customers frequently ask us “what’s new in Toad?”  We used to point them to the release notes but that was only useful if you were one release behind and then you still had to figure out which features applied to the bundle you’re using.  The Toad for DB2 Comparison Tool does all that work for you.  

To get started, select the version and bundle of Toad for DB2 you’re running.  We’ll show you all the great new features you’ll get when you upgrade to the latest version!

This tool is current through v6.5 (generally available on December 7, 2017).

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What you gain when you upgrade from 5.0 to 6.5

Space Management Partition Analysis Enhancements

Toad now allows users to use the ADMIN_MOVE_TABLE procedure while rebalancing data across partitons

Dashboard Enhancements

Toad now allows you to easily clone Dashboards to use with all of your databases

LUW Batch Analysis

Toad  added a DB2 LUW Batch Analysis Automation activity to report on the health of your database objects

z/OS Dashboards

Toad adds support for Dashboards for DB2 on z/OS which you can easily customize to give you quick insights to your DB2 subsystems

DBA Healthcheck Dashboard

Provides a single point overview of database administration data such as invalid objects and non-enforced constraints

Compare DDL file to live objects

Object compare has been extended to support comparing one live object to another but also to DDL in a file.

Compare & Synch enhancements

Various options for Compare Object were added: Ignore CCSID differences is now supported for all objects; Ignore COMPRESS keyword; Ignore tablespace differences; Ignore COLLECT STATISTICS differences for Indexes; Ignore range partition value differences option. New large Compare button groups all compare functions and makes it easier to access them quickly. New advanced option Ignore Table Organization is available in Compare Object, which causes Toad to ignore ORGANIZE BY clause. Create transformation rules with wildcards and regular expressions (.NET regular expressions are supported). With their help you can map several object pairs using one transformation rule. Select a type of transformation rule (= simple, > wildcard or >> regular) and specify a rule.

DB2 Configuration Parameter Compare

Toad provides a convenient way to review, compare and synchronize DB/DBM parameters for LUW Databases.

DB2 LUW real-time stats

A new tab Real Time Statistics was added to Database Viewer in Object Explorer. Statistics for Tables, Indexes and Tablespaces can be displayed.

HADR Support

Toad provides functionality to allows to work with High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) feature that provides overall stability and protection against the hardware, software or network failures. Synchronizing primary and standby servers guarantees the safety of your data.

IBM pureScale Support

To view detailed information about pureScale members on Linux databases, select a database in Database explorer and go to Members tab.   Automatic refresh interval can be set in seconds or set to 0 for continuous refresh. The following information is displayed about the host and every member: CPU usage; Memory and virtual memory usage; Packets/bytes sent and received;   Memory swap and others; Possible alerts are shown and indicated visually.

LUW Diagnostics log reader

Use the new diagnostic log reader to filter and display LUW Database events

Space Management enhancements

With new and enhanced Space Usage feature it is now possible to:   Predict space usage over given periods of time and at given point in time; Identify the moment when database runs out of space; Specify various settings to obtain more precise results; Visualize the information by comprehensive diagrams. The   Space Usage feature allows users to monitor tables, indexes and tablespaces. Click an object and select Space Usage tab. The feature provides information on space allocated (see "Current Usage" subtab). With a help of this tool you can monitor data growth and find out details. The result is presented into customizable bar chart or diagram (see "Growth" subtab).

Security Administration

Toad significantly improved security administration support. All IBM DB2 supported security objects are now gathered under Security node in the Object Explorer and include the following new objects: With a help of new security objects it is possible to create a table with protected rows and columns using Security Labels and Policies. You can set security policy either in the script editor mode or with DOE (General page). Set the security labels in the Columns page in DOE.

z/OS – zParm display

The system parameters of z/OS Subsystems are now displayed in the Object Details | System Parameters Tab.

z/OS Utilities

(z/OS) You can run CHECK LOB utility on LOB tablespaces to ensure that there are no invalid LOB values. LOBs over 32Kb can be UNLOADed using SPANNED clause.