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Follow / 15 Nov 2017 at 3:23pm

Disable SQL Recall

Due to security concerns, my company does not allow any queries that are ran against production databases to be stored on my workstation. I was recently flagged in an audit due to the Toad SQL Recall XML which displays the queries ran via Toad in plain...
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Follow / 17 Apr 2017 at 6:32pm

Color Rows in Index Viewer

I love how there is a tab for Indexes when viewing a table within in TOAD for db2. I have a suggestion which might make it easier to tell the differences between indexes. currently you color every other row white and then blue as seen here: As...
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Follow / 30 Mar 2016 at 3:46pm

allow 2 editor windows to be compared.

sometimes while working with stored proc. i may have it save to a file , and then get pulled off a project, a week later id love to be able to pull up the proc from the database, open the file in another window and do a compare to see what all was changed...
3 / Not Planned
Follow / 22 Feb 2016 at 2:43pm

Toad does not return a helpful message ''Function not supported'

Hello, We reported a problem to Dell with Service Request # 3248542. Lately it is found that the problem is not a Toad bug but an error returned from DB2. While spufi returns an error message DSNT408I SQLCODE = -270, ERROR: FUNCTION NOT SUPPORTED...
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Follow / 22 Jan 2016 at 10:49pm

Compare DB/DBM Parameters with Automatic parameters

When comparing DB/DBM Parameters across two databases using the Compare tool in Toad, the parameters that have a VALUE_FLAG set to AUTOMATIC are not taken into account. For example if you have DATABASE_MEMORY set to AUTOMATIC on database A and you have...
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