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Follow / 30 Jul 2018 at 2:19pm / General features

Can Toad EDGE have a debugger?

If one needs a debugger for MySQL-Procedures, Can Toad Edge work like Toad for MySQL used to?
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Follow / 13 Jul 2018 at 1:46pm / General features

Include schema with script generated SQL

Todo: Add the schema (or make it optional) to generated script objects Why: I wanted to make a Postgres index unique, so I browsed to the indexes and double-clicked on it. That put me back on the table. OK... So I guess you can't just modify it...
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Follow / 22 Jun 2018 at 7:25am / General features

the default table name setting in export data wizard

Hi, For the export data to insert statement feature, if the query is only from one table, could we allow the default table name to be set to that table itself? For example, here query the data from ccm_host_cluster, when using exporet data, can the...
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Follow / 22 Jun 2018 at 7:15am / General features

the insert statement format in result set data export

Hi, When export the result set to insert statement in toad Edge for PG, now it would generate the insert sqls like: insert into ccm_host_hardware (id_host_hardware ,hw_sn ,site_code ,hw_kvm) values ('4523','2102310YJAN0HB000801', null...
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Follow / 22 Jun 2018 at 5:00am / General features

add shortcut keys like in toad for oracle

Hi, Custtomer who used toad for oracle before would like to have similar shortcut keys design in toad edge for PG also. Here are some examples: 1. In toad for oracle, it doesn't need the semicolon at the end of the statement within executive cursor...
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