Fitness clubs have a strange business model, which actually puts their interests and the interests of their customers in direct conflict. Same with Netflix. These companies want you to sign up for long-term subscriptions — but after that, your value to them increases the less you use their products.

Not so with Toad. Our interests are perfectly aligned with yours. Toad’s products generate the most value for us when they create the most value for you. We want you using your Toad Data Point, Toad Intelligence Central and other Toad products as much and as widely across your company as possible.

And with that in mind, I want to tell you about a couple of amazing, totally free* tools that can immediately help you get even more your Toad Data Point investment.

If I convince you here of the value of these free add-ons for your business, just download them from the links I’ll include — and you can start using them right away. No kidding. No catches. They’re both totally free.*

Centrally Publish and Share Your Work with Toad Intelligence Central — Community Edition

The Community Edition of Toad Intelligence Central lets you publish, share and schedule your work through a centrally located server.  Two clear benefits here. First, sharing your files through Toad Intelligence Central means that any other Toad Data Point users on your team can access and download your shared items via their copy of Toad Data Point or through a browser.  This makes it much easier for you to give your team quick and easy access to all of the files, queries, database diagrams, import/export templates, etc you create within Toad.

Second, not only can you share your files through Toad Intelligence Central, but you can also publish your automations to Toad Intelligence Central.  This means you’ll be able to schedule your Toad Data Point automations to run on a centralized server environment — rather than locally on your own machine.  Using Toad Intelligence Central Community Edition to run your Toad Data Point automations will reduce your risk of automation failures as well as give your analyst team visibility and insight into what automations everyone is running.

For Toad Data Point users Toad Intelligence Central Community Edition will let you:

-      Share any Toad files with other Toad users within your team

-      Run your automations 24/7 on your Toad Intelligence Central server


Download and start using Toad Intelligence Central Community Edition.


Present Your Data Visually to Less-Technical Constituents, with Toad Data Point Viewer

Perhaps you’re a non-technical Toad user. Or maybe you often need to present the results or analysis of your datasets to non-technical stakeholders — sales reps or executives, for example.

In either case, you’ll find great value in our free desktop data analysis tool called Toad Data Point Viewer.

Toad Data Point Viewer tool lets you easily prepare visual representations of your datasets — using bar graphs, pie charts, color-coding, and more — to help you and your colleagues more easily browse and analyze your data. And you don’t need a Toad Data Point license to use Toad Data Point Viewer.  That means you, as the Toad Data Point user, can create Toad Data Point Viewer workbooks with graphs and charts of data analysis and you can share these workbooks directly with non-Toad Data Point users who have installed the free Toad Data Point Viewer. Toad Data Point Viewer also allows users to easily export to Excel – so your data customers have more choice in how they want to analyze and work with the data you provide.


Download and start using Toad Data Point Viewer.

 I hope you download these free Toad tools and start benefiting from them right away. And if you do, I hope you’ll share your experiences with me, at

Also, if you have any questions about Toad Data Point, Toad Data Point Viewer or Toad Intelligence Central, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through the forums or to me directly at


*Really. There is no catch. I can’t overstate this. Just download the free Toad Intelligence Central Community Edition, and/or the free Toad Data Point Viewer, and start using them now.