Mark Kurtz
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Automating Automation in Toad Data Point

Recently I was talking to a group of Data Analysts about using Toad Data Point to access their multiple data sources and make sense of the data. As I was taking them through the process of building queries, creating charts and graphs, etc., they were...
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Dan Hotka
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Getting Started with Toad Data Point

Hi, This article covers some useful tips when using Toad Data Point. I will illustrate how easy it is to load Excel data into either your database of choice (in my case, the Oracle database) or to the Local Storage. Local Storage Toad Data Point...
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Mathew Phan
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How to work with SQL Server Text Data Type (CLOBs) in Toad Data Point

I had a user tell me that it would be really powerful if Toad Data Point could search through SQL Server text columns in a table and then create a calculated field based upon the search results of that column. I thought to myself, "surely that's...
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Publish Toad Data Point Automation Scripts to Intelligence Central

This tutorial applies to Toad Data Point 4.3 or later. Summary This tutorial demonstrates how to publish an Automation script to Toad Intelligence Central. Publish your own script or use the one created in this tutorial. Note: This feature is...
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Mark Kurtz
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SalesForce, Toad Data Point and You.

Recently I was talking to some SalesForce developers. I had to admit, I did not know what that meant. What do you develop for SalesForce? They took the time to explain what they do: write reports on the data, perform analysis of the data, and pass...
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