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Follow / 2 May 2018 at 1:57pm / PostgreSQL

Generate Change Script - current_date and current_timestamp being flagged

We use current_date and current_timestamp in the PostgreSQL model, which the database engine translates to ('now':text)::date and now(), respectively. These get flagged by the Generate Change Script wizard. Can a future enhancement either recognize...
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Follow / 2 May 2018 at 1:52pm / PostgreSQL

Generate Change Script correctly identifies BigSerial and Serial

PostgreSQL BigSerial "datatype" gets translated in the database as BigInt with a default value of NEXTVAL for a generated sequence. When running the Generate Change Script wizard, it flags BigSerial as a difference. Can this be fixed in a future...
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Follow / 23 Feb 2018 at 7:57pm / General features

Import ERwin data models to Toad Data Modeler

Have models in ERwin that I need to transfer to Toad Data Modeler. It would be great if there were some way to import them into Toad rather than have to manually create thousands of tables and views. Thanks.
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Follow / 27 Dec 2017 at 5:13pm / General features

It would be great to have an option to migrate my .dm1 files from ER Studio 17 to...

It would be great to have an option to migrate my .dm1 files from ER Studio to TDM. Right now I have ER Studio version 17, and I haven't been able to migrate my files to Toad Data Modeler, I know TDM can read only ER Studio version 11. So I was wondering...
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Follow / 8 Dec 2017 at 8:15pm / General features

Add the ability to wrap text inside rectangle boundary

TDM supports adding Text and Label Rectangle elements to a diagram. Please implement the ability to wrap the text inside these elements. You can add a Wrap Text flag on the Format dialog, and when this is checked, and if the rectangle enclosing the text...
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