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Learn more about what Spotlight Essentials offers

Spotlight Essentials places all the essential components of a complete SQL monitoring and diagnostics solution in a single place, while providing unique insights from collective intelligence gathered across the entire Spotlight Essentials community.

This unique collective intelligence engine for SQL Server built by the SQL Server Community includes:


Spotlight Health Check

Provides a prioritized list of key system health problems so you can pinpoint and address issues within your SQL Server infrastructure.

  • Healthchecks for Security, Disaster Recovery, Index Optimization, Memory and SQL Best Practice

  • Insight into the performance of each instance, including recent history of performance, system waits and I/O latency

  • Compare performance trends over time, one instance with and another and benchmark with aggregate statistics from the entire community

Spotlight Mobile


Anywhere , Anytime, from any device - Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise customers can monitor remotely via mobile devices at no additional cost!

Monitoring features include:

  • Heatmap
  • Alarms List
  • Alarm Details
  • The ability to snooze or acknowledge alarms

Spotlight Developer

Monitor your server connections within SQL Server Management Studio using the new Spotlight Essentials Freemium Plug-in.

Monitoring features include:

  • Performance focused
  • Lightweight Playback
  • SQL Server connections
  • Performance Alarms
  • Diagnostic drill down for:
    • overview home page
    • SQL activity sessions
    • SQL Activity I/O by File
    • Top SQL