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Move a SQL Server 2008 Cluster to a New Subnet and IP Address Introduction

The goal and purpose of this article will be to provide step by step instructions of how to move a SQL Server 2008 / Windows Server 2008 cluster to a new subnet and IP address on your network. There are several reasons you may find yourself needing to perform this type of change for your SQL Server and those are listed below.

  • Your company is growing and you need to move the SQL Server 2008 cluster from one data center to another, which are on different subnets.
  • You need to move your SQL Server 2008 cluster behind a newly deployed firewall for increased security, which requires a subnet and IP address modification.
  • The network team has made a new subnet for all the company's SQL Servers to reside on and you must comply with their IP address schemes; thus a change of subnet and IP addresses is necessary.
  • The subnet you are on is full and your SQL Server 2008 cluster is chosen as the best candidate to move to a different subnet on the network to free up IP address space.
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