Happily, It’s Friday and as I was looking at all the digital bits I’ve spilled in this campaign, I realized there was one more topic I wanted to draw your quick attention to: Things I want to do better this time


  • I need to remember that communication is key and telling you what I ‘m working on is at least as important as what I’m working on.  In my first term, particularly towards the end, I sometimes sacrificed communication in order to get something done.  You need to see what I’m doing (or not doing) and be able to give feedback if you think I’ve headed in the wrong direction.


  • I want to get back to doing a better job of utilizing volunteers.  Aligning work and volunteers is hard.  As anyone who has lead a chapter, a SQLSaturday or any kind of volunteer effort know, it often feels easier and faster to just do things than to delegate things.  I had good success with delegation in the program committee and am prepared to return to a similar model during this term.  My success should not be measured by how much I do personally but rather by how much gets done within my portfolio.


  • I want to think “International” every time I start on something new.  Not because it’s the cool community buzzword but because I want PASS to serve everyone and I know I don’t have enough experience to what will or won’t work in other countries.


That’s it for the week.  Thanks for reading and thanks for voting!  Have a great weekend!