This year there are to be no excuses, and I mean it.

You know what I’m talking about. There’s always some reason why you can’t go to the PASS Summit, why you can’t make it this time around. Maybe the timing is just not quite right, you can’t get the time off work, maybe there’s no budget or I know, something probably came up but you’ll go next year right? Wrong!

Trust me, I’ve been there before, several times in fact. I’ve heard all the excuses and even created a few of my own. There’s always a reason for you not to go if you are prepared to accept it.

Well guess what, this time I’m not going to settle, I won’t take anything less than a cracking result. I’m no longer content to sit on the side lines listening to folks talk/tweet and blog about nothing other than their awesome PASS experience. I want to experience it for myself and I know you do to.

This year I’m going to the SQL PASS Summit 2012 and you are coming with me!

I want to drink in the SQL Super Bowl for myself in person. To discover if the SQL Rockstar, Thomas Larock (Blog|Twitter) really is as shy as he claims. To experience the elation or the more likely dizziness from my shortness of breath at failing miserably to keep up with @grrl_geek on a SQL Run. For the opportunity to heckle support my British comrades (a hat tip to @Neil_Hambly et al for achieving speaker slots) as they fly the flag on the international stage. Oh and I wouldn’t mind learning a thing or too either.

Together let us make a pact to put our minds to the task at hand and forge the result we truly desire. Don’t let yet another opportunity pass you by, make a commitment to yourself that this time you’re going to make it happen.

I’m going to the SQL PASS Summit 2012 and you lot are coming with me.

Update: I managed to dig out this awesome gem of a post, How to Get Budget Approval for Conferences by Brent Ozar (Blog|Twitter). Use it now to “get your ass to PASS”.