Yesterday, I spoke at the Oracle Cloud Day Istanbul. It was an amazing event. The venue (Swissotel the Bosphorus) was great, the conference rooms were comfortable, the presentations are attractive and well-balanced (DB, Middleware, Development), and the audience was great. This year, the event was much more crowded than previous years.

As usual, Oracle Turkey set a separate track for TROUG (Turkish Oracle User Group) presentations, and I was one of the speakers of TROUG. As TROUG, we appreciate Oracle Turkey’s support to us. Personally, I would like to thank them for this successful organisation. As I said, everything was great.

My presentation was about NoSQL. I’m happy that there was a great audience. The room was very big but it’s almost full. NoSQL databases are very popular and I wanted to give a brief information about NoSQL databases and their differences from RDBMS. Here’s the slides of my presentation:

If you check the last slides, I wrote there some questions which you should ask yourself before you select a NoSQL database for your next project. These questions do not aim to convince you to use RDBMS instead of NoSQL databases. They are just reminders about the things you will deal when you use NoSQL database.

By the way, the presentation is only 30 minutes, this is why there is only 13 slides.