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Now, Let's start to read..


Oracle Data Guard is an Oracle solution that seems will improve in a endless way. Every Oracle Release we have new features that perhaps we never expected to have.

Oracle 18c is not the exception, we have amazing new features, So.. Let's see..


New Broker VALIDATE commands

Personally, at the time to check or correct Oracle Data Guard configurations, one of the most common problems is the network configuration. Sometimes we are building RAC-RAC configurations with many servers.. many IPs.. etc.. and it's natural we can miss a name.. and IP.. etc.. at the end we can have some problems when this configuration is working and we have to start the tedious job to check every single detail.. ( Network Configuration.. Parameters.. etc.. ) to find where it's the problem.. With these 3 following commands we will be able to save a lot of time when we face that kind of difficulties..



  • Validate parameters settings between the Primary and a Standby database.


  • Validate the network setup between all databases in the configuration


  • Verifies the static connect identifier setup in Single Instance databases the do not have Oracle Restart.

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