This blog post is about some questions and answers plus feedback about suggestions.

This is to do with a technical article that I had written and which was published on the Oracle Technical Network (OTN) in January 2014. The article was “Back Up a Thousand Databases Using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c” which you can see on the OTN here.

This detailed technical article explains the set up and scheduling of full and incremental RMAN Database backups for thousands of databases using Enterprise Manager Cloud Control (Enterprise Manager) 12c, and how this is done more easily and efficiently than the older, more time-consuming, manual method of performing Unix shell scripting, RMAN scripting, and cron jobs for each database to be backed up.

A reader read this article and asked “Is there a way to backup a thousand databases that belong to one group, and yet ensure that they the backups do not start all at once? So I need a sequential element to ensure all my databases are backed up, and a parallel element as I require a maximum number of backups to run at once.”

My reply was “Thanks for your question. One workaround could be to create multiple groups of databases specially meant for using in backup, and schedule these backups at different times in the night. That would take care of the sequential as well as parallel requirements.

“For example, if there are a thousand databases, create 20 groups with 50 databases each. Call them "DB Backup Group 1", "DB Backup Group 2", and so on. Schedule the backup of the first group at time t, then the second group at time t+10minutes, the third group at t_30 minutes, and so on.”

Another reader then wrote “I used the grouping technique mentioned by Porus in Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g, and now in Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control, and it works.”

That’s great to hear, mate. Thanks for the feedback.