Recently, a number of IT departments have either installed Enterprise Manager, or have wanted to do so in the near future. For success in Enterprise Manager Implementations, especially when feature-rich packs such as the WLS Management Pack and the SOA Suite Management Pack are involved, I would recommend the following as general guidelines for the Enterprise Manager Implementation project:

  • Proper set-up of Enterprise Manager infrastructure,  preferably by Oracle ACS (Advanced Customer Services) or OCS (Oracle Consulting Services) or an Enterprise Manager implementation-certified Oracle partner in your country
  • Proper implementation of Enterprise Manager Packs, preferably by ACS or OCS or the certified partner 
  • Proper hand-over to in-house staff by the Enterprise Manager Implementers 
  • Proper training of in-house staff in Enterprise Manager Pack use, preferably by Oracle University 
  • The Enterprise Manager installation should be treated as an important system by the company management, with the appointment of dedicated staff (a central Enterprise Manager team), and a dedicated UAT and Dev environment for the EM installation, so as to test out upgrades, new features and so on. 
  • The Enterprise Manager installation should be shared by both the DBA and Middleware teams, with a central installation and appropriate rights given to both these teams by the central EM team to perform their admin work in Enterprise Manager effectively. It is not recommended to have separate installations of EM just because of team ownership issues. 
  • The central Enterprise Manager installation should cover production, UAT and development targets provided the networking makes that possible. The security of Enterprise Manager, if set up properly by the central EM team, will not make it possible for a development DBA to manage a production database, or vice-versa.

Of course, the above is my opinion only, based on my experience in the product.

You can also read the Operational Considerations and Troubleshooting Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c white paper which is available on the Enterprise Manager Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) site.  This white paper has pertinent sections on staffing recommendations and administrator responsibilities that can be used as guidelines.

Good Luck with your own implementation.


Porus Homi Havewala.
(Oracle Certified Master)