If any of you were wondering how the Oracle Private Cloud's Database as a Service works in action, here is a video of an actual run you may find interesting,

Note that Oracle is sadly not concentrating a lot on the private cloud nowadays, preferring instead to emphasize the public cloud, but the fact remains that many companies are still interested in a private database cloud using Oracle Enterprise Manager. Interested in your views on this subject, if you would like to comment please do so.

Actually this is a preview lecture of my Udemy Course on the Oracle Private Database Cloud. The full Udemy course is available here.

In this course, I am explaining the set up of the private database cloud and after the setup, I am actually demo'ing the different "database/snapclone/schema/pdb-as-a-service" capabilties in action. I already have 55 worldwide students for lifetime access. 


Porus Homi Havewala

(Oracle Certified Master).