For twelve years, Brian Hitchcock has been reading books on Oracle Database. And taking extensive notes. And publishing them in the NoCOUG Journal. About the book he reviewed for the August 2016 issue of the NoCOUG Journal, Brian had this to say:

“You should read this book. If you are starting out in a database-related career—which I think includes most, if not all, programming jobs—or if you are changing fields within the broader database field, the information in this book will be very helpful in the interview and on the job. I learned a great deal about things that I had already heard about along with many others that I have never heard of. Of all the books I have reviewed over many years, this is one of the very few that I think everyone could benefit from. I don’t think I’ve read a database book that presented so much material that was new to me in such a short time. This book is an excellent review of where we are, where it all came from, and where we are going. It is also an excellent value because it doesn’t take long to read and you will learn a great deal about the entire database field.”

You may not have time to read a whole book—even if it is relatively short like this one—but you certainly have the time to read Brian's notes. Click on the picture to download this issue.