Recently we were doing EBS patching activity for one of our customer and adpatch was failing while relinking one of the library file.  The error message during patch run time as below:

one with link of fnd executable '' on Tue Jun 28 22:18:39 SAUST 2016
Relink of module "" failed.
See error messages above (also recorded in log file) for possible
reasons for the failure. Also, please check that the Unix userid
running adrelink has read, write, and execute permissions
on the directory /oraprod/R12/apps/apps_st/appl/fnd/12.0.0/bin,
and that there is sufficient space remaining on the disk partition
containing your Oracle Applications installation.

Done with link of product 'fnd' on Tue Jun 28 22:18:39 SAUST 2016
adrelink is exiting with status 1

End of adrelink session
Date/time is Tue Jun 28 22:18:39 SAUST 2016

Line-wrapping log file for readability ...
Done line-wrapping log file.

Original copy is /oraprod/R12/apps/apps_st/appl/admin/PROD/log/adrelink.lsv
New copy is /oraprod/R12/apps/apps_st/appl/admin/PROD/log/adrelink.log
An error occurred while relinking application programs.
Continue as if it were successful [No] :

The error message reports to check the disk space on the server, but there is no problem for disk space.


The problem is some of the application process are not stopped before starting the ad patch session.

[oraprod@PRODERP[/oraprod]#ps -ef | grep FND
oraprod 11075672 21102602 0 22:21:30 pts/5 0:00 grep FND
oraprod 11272290 19267706 0 22:02:13 - 0:02 FNDLIBR
oraprod 20578480 1 120 Jun 24 - 1782:52 FNDLIBR


Kill the running session.

  • We can continue the existing patching session by choosing “Yes” when prompted for “Continue as if it were successful [No] :”
  • We can even abort the existing patching session and start again after killing the running application processes.

I have encountered this issue on EBS R12.1.3 running on AIX 6.1 but same may applicable on other environments as well.

Thank for reading :)