I wanted to share something that is a bit off topic, but I think has relevance to the future about those who will follow behind us to do our jobs in the future. 

This week my company, Accenture Enkitec Group, sponsored a Young Programmer's Camp. The kids and young relatives of our employees could have their children come to our offices for a week and learn about programming. The coolest part is that they used a product called Gamemaker Pro to help the kids create their own cool games. They showed them how to use the tool and explained and demonstrated code snippets that would help them include movement, graphics, sound and so on. My 16 year old nephew has been here all week and he's created knock-offs of Flappy Birds, Asteroids, and a "platform" type game (think Donkey Kong or something similar). And, he's had loads of fun!

His experience this week has allowed me a bit of time to look back on my career and how I found my way to doing what I do. I found out that I had an affinity for computers and programming in a college intro computer class. From there, it seems like there was always a mentor to help me along and fuel my passion to learn and do my job better. I truly enjoy what I do. My hope for my nephew and all kids out there is that they find their passion and can find a career that lets them practice their passion as part of their job. Experiences like this week's camp help prepare kids for the future by giving them a glimpse under the covers of a bit of the technology they live with every day. I hope we can encourage our kids (both girls and boys) to consider careers in technology and find the niche in that wide field that fits them. 

So, whether it's a take your kid to work day or a cool camp experience like the Young Programmer's Camp held here this week, I hope to see more of these opportunities to expose my nieces, nephew and own daughter to as well. I look forward to having the next generation step up and fill our chairs with enthusiasm and confidence!