About Toad World

Toad World makes you more productive by connecting you to the tools and resources you need to be more productive. It is your one-stop for information on products, database and emerging data technology, and extending your knowledge beyond your current skill set.

Toad World provides you with access to a wealth of information, peer database pros and world-renowned subject-matter experts. It also offers access to new product betas, freeware downloads and videos. And by registering as a member of Toad World, you can join the conversation and boost your own reputation by contributing to discussion groups, wikis and forums.

So why did we create Toad World?

These days, a funny thing happens when you try to give someone a great resource with no strings attached – most people think it’s too good to be true!  

There is no question that we sell products and certainly wants to make a profit. However, what isn’t always obvious is that there are lots of ways to win customers. We want you to know we’re passionate about taking care of our customers. We want you to know that we care about delivering solutions to your everyday problems and challenges. So, there are a couple ways we can do that.

  1. We can tell you (advertising)
  2. We can prove it to you (Toad World)

Telling you is easy. It really is. All you need is money and you can buy ads from morning till night telling the world about yourself. And, there’s nothing wrong with that. We do it all the time. But we believe that SHOWING someone how much you want to help them makes for better long-term relationships. It takes longer, but we believe it is well worth the wait.

Toad World puts our money, time and energy where our heart is – with you, the community. We want to help you through your toughest challenges whether that's providing really useful database platform resources or great knowledge about how to get the most from one of our products you've already invested in. Either way, when the time comes, and you have a pain that only a tool can solve, we hope that you will allow us the opportunity to earn your business.



Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the questions we hear most often.  Not finding your answer here?  Let us know and we'll get you an answer.


Can I advertise on Toad World?

No.  While we will occasionally post a banner ad to promote a special activity or offer, we believe your Toad World experience should generally be ad-free.  Therefore, we do not offer any external advertising.

How do I change my Toad World email address?

If after registering for Toad World you want to change your account to use a different email address (maybe you've changed jobs), it's easy to do.  First, login to Toad World.  Once logged in, you'll see your user name and various icons next your name below the Search bar in the upper right corner of the screen:

Click on the "gear" icon next to your name.  This will display the Settings page for your account. 

Click on the second tab labeled "Email & Sign-in Information".  The first field on this page will be your current account email address.  Just over-type it with your new email address:

Click the SAVE button at the bottom of the page and you're done.

How do I become an expert?

We're always looking for new experts.  Our experts are selfless people who are proven contributors to the community with the goal of educating and helping others.  Some have attained platform credentials such as Oracle ACE or Microsoft MVP while others have traditional certifications such as OCP or MCSIT. Email us at admin@toadworld.com with your qualifications. We'd love to hear from you!

How do I join the Beta program for products I’m interested in?

Beta programs are open to any customer with a licensed copy of the product you'd like to Beta test.  To navigate to a product's beta page, simply select the product from the "PRODUCT COMMUNITIES" menu and then select "Beta" from the list of tabs on the page.  Just like the product communities, you'll need to click on the "Join" link below the community name to participate in the discussion.

How do I submit an idea for product/wiki article/site improvement?

For product improvement, please click on the "Idea Pond" option on the community's navigation bar, and select the suitable idea category if the product has Ideas broken down by category:

Once on the IdeaPond page, look over the ideas already submitted, and if your idea has already been submitted, click the "up arrow" to vote up the idea.  If you don't see your idea, click the "Submit New Idea" button to submit a new idea.

For all other feedback, send an email to admin@toadworld.com.  We're really and truly interested in your feedback.  Whether we accept, reject or put your idea in the hopper for the future, you'll definitely hear back from us.

What is Idea Pond?

Toad development has always been driven by its customers, and our customers have many (often conflicting) ideas. It's important for us to understand and focus on the new features and enhancements that are most important to our customers. Idea Pond is where you can tell us what you want, and tell us how important it is by submitting, voting, and commenting on ideas.

Idea Pond is just for submitting enhancement suggestions. If you need help or found a bug, please contact Support. You can also join our discussion forums for assistance. If you have a request that is specific to a Beta version, please use the applicable product's Beta forum.

What do the statuses mean?

Idea Pond uses the following idea statuses:


Idea has not been evaulated by the Dev team. Users should continue to vote and comment on the idea.

Under Review

Idea is being evaluated by the Dev team and Product Management and a decision has not yet been made. Users should continue to vote and comment on the idea.


Idea has been implemented in Toad. We assign this status as soon as the request is available in the latest beta, which means that an idea may be marked "Complete" before it is available in the current, official release.

Not Planned

Idea is already available in Toad, has been rejected by the Dev team, or is a duplicate of another idea.

How many votes must an idea receive for the Dev team to approve it?

There isn't a magic number that guarantees your idea will be approved. We generally wait to see how well an idea is received before we consider implementing it. In other cases, if we see a great idea that we can implement easily, we may approve it soon after it is posted. We will update the status as soon as it is approved or implemented, and you will receive an email when the status changes for your idea (unless you have opted out of notifications).

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to a forum/thread?

Subscribing to a forum (1) will send you an email, in real time, each time somebody posts a new thread or comments on a thread.

Subscribing to a digest (2) will email you on a daily or weekly basis with all the activity in a group, including forums, blogs, wikis, videos, etc.

Another option is to use the RSS feed for the forum.

By default, when you join a group you will automatically be subscribed to receive emails to the Forum.  You can unsubscribe from emails by navigating to the forums page (clicking the Forum tab next to Overview, or to the specific forum if there are multiple forums linked to the community) and then selecting the "Email Unsubscribe from Forum" link in the right column:

How do I use the Q&A feature of the forums?

When creating a new forum post, one of the first options is to select whether your post is a question or a discussion:

Marking your post as a Question will add a question mark indicator to the post so others will know you have an open issue and you're looking for an answer:

Once a question has an accepted answer, the question mark icon will be changed to an "A":

I’m interested in helping. What’s the process for becoming a moderator?

Excellent!  We value your help.  The first step is to demonstrate your interest in helping others by providing useful answers to open questions and contributing positive insights to conversations.  Show that you value other's contributions by Liking their responses and rating their content.  Then, contact us at admin@toadworld.com and we'll talk.

My post was flagged as inappropriate – why?

This is a subjective assessment.  One person marking your post as spam/abuse is not reason for huge concern -- they might just be having a bad day.  But if your post gets marked by a number of users then a Toad World moderator will review your post for possible action.  The reasons why another user may see your post as spam or abusive may vary, but it should not contain solicitations or harsh comments.  You may disagree with another user's answer, but negative comments toward another member will not be tolerated. 

What are digests and how do I sign up?

Subscribing to a digest will email you on a daily or weekly basis with all the activity in a community, which includes forums, blogs, wikis, videos, etc. Digests are unique to each community.  By default, when you join a community you will receive a weekly digest. 

There are 3 digest options:

What do the icons on the site mean?

 Join / Follow
 Joined / Following
 Open Question
 Answered Question


Where can I find out more about the products?

There are two ways.  Each product community has a welcome section on the Overview page.  Each of these sections will provide a brief description of the product with a link to our corporate website with more product information:

Each product overview page also has a Quick Links section in the right-side column with a link to the product's information:

Where can I see my followers, others activity, etc?

Activity information is available on your Profile page.  Click on anyone's user-name to view their profile page.  You must be a registered user and logged in to view other member's profiles.  On each profile page is information showing activity on the site (forum posts, etc).  

There are also a few items which show favorites you've saved and mentions by others, these are located near the upper right corner of the screen when you are logged on to Toad World:


Why can't I add comments?

You must have a Toad World account, be logged in to Toad World, and you must first join the community to be able to add comments.  If you've joined and are still having problems please let us know by emailing us admin@toadworld.com.  That shouldn't happen! Big Smile

Why can't I post to a forum?

You must have a Toad World account, be logged in to Toad World, and you must first join the community before you can post to a forum.  If you've joined and are still having problems please let us know by emailing us admin@toadworld.com

What are the different achievement badges on Toad World?

Users can earn achievement badges on Toad World.  Achievement badges recognize users for their contributions to Toad World.  Here are just a few of the badges that can be earned:

Notice the stars below each icon?  Those indicate the level achieved within each achievement.  When you see a user who has earned a 3- or 4-star badge you know they've been making a lot of contributions to the community.

See a list of all the achievements that can be earned

So, how do you know if you've earned any badges?  There are two ways.   First, you'll receive an email from Toad World informing you that you've earned a badge.  Second, they get proudly displayed on your profile page.  You can click on an achievement badge in your profile or anyone else's profile to see everyone who has earned the achievement. 

Will you syndicate my blog?

Quite possibly!  We'd love to learn more about what you're blogging about.  We've written a wiki article about how to get your blog syndicated on Toad World.

Does Toad World support languages other than English?

Yes!  Toad World proudly utilizes Google Translate.  The following languages are supported:

By default, all posts are displayed in the language they were posted in, but you can select a language for all posts to be translated into.

So, for example, if user #1's native language is Spanish, they would select Spanish from the drop-down list.  All of their forum posts would appear in Spanish.  User 1 would post new threads and reply to existing posts in Spanish.  But, when User #2 whose native language is German views the forum, they would see all posts in German -- even though there might be a mix of English, Spanish and other languages. 

All of the translations are performed dynamically.  Are the translations 100% perfect?  No, but the idea is to allow a user whose native language is not English to participate in the forum discussions.  So, what do you do if you're reading a translated post and it's not making 100% sense to you?  You can turn translation off, too: