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Oracle In-Memory's Performance Screams

Since the dawn of database technology the Achilles heel or key limiting factor has been disk IO. In order to address this issue traditional spinning disk drive vendors historically offered 10K and even 15K RPM models. But more speed was needed. Then came...
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Bert Scalzo
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Database Administrators and the Cloud

There’s no fighting progress. Decades ago database administrators managed and controlled everything – the OS, network, storage and database. Times have changed and DBAs have had to evolve (i.e. accept) well established principles of economics...
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Bert Scalzo
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Speaking at the Annual IOUG Collaborate Conference

I’ll be speaking at the annual IOUG Collaborate Conference in Las Vegas April 3 rd and 5 th . To quote their website: The Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG), the Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG) and Quest International Users Group (Quest...
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Bert Scalzo
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Speaking at the Annual Hotsos Symposium

I’ll be speaking at the annual Hotsos Symposium in Dallas TX February 27 th and 28 th . To quote their website: Hotsos is the best conference in the Americas devoted to Oracle system performance. The combination of topic focus, small audience...
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Bert Scalzo
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Will SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Up the Ante?

Microsoft has just released SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 1 (SP1) . The release has created quite a stir because Microsoft has made a major licensing changes – most notably every edition of SQL Server now gets every feature. Quoting PC Week , the...
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Toad Unleashed available and on-sale

Toad Unleashed for Oracle is now available and it's on-sale for the labor day holiday.
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Extreme RAC Database Performance

Every DBA has at one point or another been under the gun for achieving faster database performance. It reminds me of the light speed vs. ludicrous speed dialog from the 1987 Mel Brook’s movie “Spaceballs”: Colonel Sandurz : Prepare...
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Bert Scalzo
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Good Database Design

Times change. In the good old days “ good ” relational database design was rather straight forward, there were simply tables with columns and rows plus rather simple indexing options. Thus database designers merely had to generally employ...
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Bert Scalzo
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IOUG Collaborate Event Fast Approaching

IOUG Collaborate 2015 in Las Vegas if fast approaching (April 12-16). As usual the show will offer numerous expert speakers and interesting topics. I was lucky enough to have two topics accepted. Please consider attending my sessions – I promise...
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Bert Scalzo

Database Benchmarking Tool Differences

In my last blog titled “ Varying Database Benchmark Results ” I tried to explain why people can often get varied performance results when running a specific database benchmark multiple times. I attempted to explain the possible reasons from...
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